multi-layer co-extrusion (blow on the rotating traction) film blowing machine

Haul-off unit is oscillating reverse by horizontal±180。.Its structure is reasonable, so it
economizes lots of energy and it is easy to maintain. By means of the reversing haul-off
unit, films can be produced without requiting rotating die head, so the structure of die head
is simplified. Reversing haul-off unit eliminates many problems of ling channel for the
rotating die head, difficult sealing for the melt, compound leakage being easy,
unsymmetrical heating, difficult maintenance, macro film tolerance and so on Haul-off
unit reduces the degree of difficulty for recipe of the multi-layer co-extruded product and
production technical processing control, if the blowing film line is with IBC (Internal Bubble
cooling system),it can produce film with the quality of more high-grade transparency and
better all round performance. The produced film is very flat, reel is high-quality by the use
of reversing haul-off units. The film can meet the demand for the high-speed printing.

Main Technical Variables

Type MSJ55-GS1300 MSJ60-GS1500 MSJ65-GS1700 MSJ70-GS2200
Diameter of screw 1200 1400 1600
L/D 3 3 3 3
Film thickness (mm) 0.02-0.12 0.02-0.12 0.02-0.12 0.02-0.12
Max. output (kg/h) 120 150 180 240
Screw diameter (mm) ¢55×3 ¢60×3 ¢65×3 ¢70×3
Screw L/D ratio L/D 28:1 28:1 28:1 28:1
Screw Max. rotation Speed (r/min) 15-100 15-100 15-100 15-100
Extruder driving power (kw) 22×3 30×3 37×3 45×3
The way of esteem changing of extruder 手动双工位快速换网 Manual twin-station changing screen quickly
Die structure 可带IBC膜泡风冷系统 With or without IBC(Internal Bubble Cooling system)
Air-ring structure 双风口 Dual tuyere
Reversting haul-off system Film turning mode 水平 Horizontal
Angle of reversing ±180度 ±180℃
Take-off Wide-up speed (m/min) 45 45 45 45
Total Power (kw) 85 110 140 220
Overall dimensions (mm) 1000×6000×9000 1000×600×9500 1100×7000×10000 1300×7000×12000
Weight (T) 15 20 25 30

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