Precautions when using three-layer co-extrusion express bag film blowing machine

Precautions when using three-layer co-extruded express bag film blowing machine

1. The operator cannot stand in front of the machine when operating the machine to avoid accidental injury to the operator. When feeding, strictly prevent the hard objects that contain metal impurities and operating gadgets from falling into the barrel. It is forbidden to wear gloves when operating the rotating machine to prevent getting involved and injured.
2. Check and add the lubricating oil in the gearbox and air compressor, and check the lubrication of the mechanical transmission parts. Avoid dry operation damage the machine and make noise.
3. When starting the operation, you must first check whether the power supply wiring is disconnected or leaking; check whether the instrument is damaged or not. Before starting the machine, ensure that all components are safe and normal to avoid affecting production and causing accidents.
4. Within the range of film forming conditions, increase the forming temperature, cooling air temperature and blowing ratio; then the turbidity of the film will increase and the gloss will decrease; vice versa.
5. When the die outlet is uniform, you can slowly pull the tube blank while wearing gloves, and at the same time, close the end of the tube blank and slightly open the air inlet regulating valve.
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